About nzparamedic.org

The New Zealand Paramedic Education & Research Charitable Trust, known as nzparamedic.org, is a charitable organisation established in 2011 to promote and support paramedic education, research and career development in New Zealand.

nzparamedic.org is an incorporated society under the Charitable Trusts Act 1957, registration number 2553521 and is a registered charity with the New Zealand Charities Commission, registration number CC47323.


nzparamedic.org supports the study of paramedicine through the provision of undergraduate and postgraduate degree scholarships. These scholarships are available to eligible paramedics and high school graduates throughout New Zealand.

Tertiary education encourages critical thinking and provides a depth of knowledge not offered in previous ambulance training. Tertiary education is critically important given the increasingly advanced skills that paramedics and Intensive Care Paramedics are being expected to perform.

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nzparamedic.org aims to advance the research of pre-hospital care through disseminating research grants to individuals and organisations to undertake essential research in the ambulance field.

Very little pre-hospital research is currently being done in New Zealand. Research is critically important as it shapes clinical practice and ensures that the care being delivered to the community is evidence based and consistent with international best practice.

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Career Development

nzparamedic.org promotes paramedicine as a mainstream health career to high school graduates. At present there is limited promotion of ambulance as a career and no exclusive tertiary paramedicine scholarships are available to young New Zealanders outside of our organisation.

Paramedic career promotion is vital to ensure that intelligent, dynamic and dedicated people are delivering care to New Zealand communities in future years.